Angel Allard, RN

Angel Allard, RN
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Where does one turn when searching for the root cause of a health crisis?

In 1996 Angel was asking herself that very question. She was referred to Dr. Michael Billig, a well-loved Chiropractor and a proficient Contact Reflex Analysis practitioner.

After following the nutritional protocol recommended to her, Angel experienced a full recovery of the long standing health issue that had been unresolved for several years.

The answer came from the healing art of Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A.). A form of testing that encompasses Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Structural well-being to find underlying imbalances that can terrorize the body.

That first office call with Dr. Billig began a beautiful mentorship and friendship.

Throughout the following 16 years, Angel interned with Dr. Billig, learning the art of C.R.A., and witnessing the miracles possible with this technique.

Angel also offers Lymphatic Treatments with the Light Beam Generator (L.B.G.) in conjunction with C.R.A.

The lymphatics are part of the vital circulatory system. Optimal functioning of this system is key in eliminating toxins from the body. It is the body's primary immune defense and waste eliminator system. When this system is blocked, we become defenseless against attacks by viruses, fungi and bacterium.

Use of the Light Beam Generator (LBG) causes a swift, safe and natural method of eliminating excess lymphatic fluid. The LBG assists the body to achieve a free-flow of proteins within the lymph system and to release bonded protein blockages in connective tissue.

Angel is Registered Nurse, graduating from John Abbott College in Montreal in 1995. She is a country girl at heart and enjoys hiking and gardening with her husband Fred and daughter Olivia.

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