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According to David Brownstein, M.D. in the book "Salt Your Way to Health", unrefined salt contains many different minerals and elements that are useful for the body. Unrefined salt, like Celtic Sea Salt, contains over 80 minerals and elements - all the natural elements necessary for life. Minerals are necessary to catalyze thousands of reactions in the body. Minerals give the body its strength. The human body is designed to ingest salt. We do get too much refined salt in our diet. In fact, any amount of refined salt is harmful. The vast majority of us, however, do not get enough unrefined salt with its full complement of minerals.

The original and most trusted sea salt brand, referenced in more culinary and nutritional books and journals than any other salt in the world. Celtic Sea Salt® is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions. Their salts retain their natural balance of the minerals and trace elements that our bodies need.

The Celtic Sea Salt® Brand is recommended by doctors and culinary chefs worldwide, is lower in sodium, certified Kosher and more nutritious than table salt. Use Celtic Sea Salt® for all your cooking and seasoning needs, to enrich the taste of your foods while adding vital nutrients to your diet.

Celtic Sea Salt® is certified organic by Nature et Progr├ęs - the highest level of certification allowed.We offer Celtic Sea Salt and Organic Pepper in grinders and refill bags. We also carry Celtic Sea Salt fine and salt shakers and their Electrolyte Powder.

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