in memorium

Angel Allard, RN
in memorium

In Memorium

Dr. Michael Billig passed away on July 7, 2012 from an aneurysm. He was doing what he loved, driving his tractor, working on the farm, taking down a tree. His family feels it was one of the three activities he would have wanted to be doing as his last act. The other two would be duck hunting or driving his beloved horses. He had such a passion for life. He was an example for the rest of us to live our life to the fullest.

With the exception of his family, he dearly loved his patients. He had a loving but gruff personality and sometimes it did take time to know how to take him.

He practiced Chiropractic in St.
Johnsbury over 45 years. He was one
of the longest working Chiropractors
in the state.

It was decided to keep the office open to meet the needs of his faithful patients. As his wife it has been an honor to see this happen. There was a lot of support and I thank those involved for making it work; Wendy Simpson, Cindy Ely, Kelly Willey, Dr. Jeremy Ste. Marie, and Angel Allard.

Lovingly remembered,
Doreen Billig

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