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SRT-3 Light Therapy
Over the past 3000 years, Eastern Sciences developed a model for the human body based on the quasi physical structure of the human bio-energy system. According to Eastern medicine and other systems of mind-body harmony-especially the martial arts practices-the functioning of the bio-energy system is absolutely key to strength, endurance, and mental performance. The bio-energy system functions best when consistently aligned with natural life-supporting energies. The bio-energy system can easily be disrupted by the electronic and other environmental influences. Conversely, the bio-energy system can be markedly enhanced in the presence of natural life supporting energies. This is what is contained within and activated by the SRT-3 light belt.

It acts like a tuning fork to activate those basic life-supporting energies within our own bio-energetic body. The bioenergetics body is really our most immediate and intimate environment. It is more fundamental than our physical body and has been found to extend several feet around the body. This has also been called the quantum body, from the research in quantum mechanics and how it relates to physicality. One theory is that the quantum body contains all the intelligence to not only support its counterpart-the physical body-but to also provide appropriate energies or ratios of energy to grow physically-as from infant to adult-and to grow in personal performance capabilities as well. This is why the martial artist can do amazing physical feats if he or she is accessing or activating this quantum level of energy-or what is called "chi" or "qi".

In spite of being surrounded by the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, it turns out that those frequencies of energy that we call "natural"-like those found these days away from the cities, in the mountains or right by the oceans-are not absent in the presence of high technology, but simply overridden or interfered with. Our SRT-3 Light Belt generates or activates those same fundamental energies found in nature, our minds and bodies are more able to restore themselves and even enhance their own abilities to both cope and flourish in today's electromagnetic and information age.

Come in for an assessment using Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) to see if this therapy is right for you.

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